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We write about the future of mortgages, real estate and automation.

We write about the future of mortgages, real estate and automation.

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Vaultedge Newsletter - Is 'HELOC boom' round the corner in 2023 ?

'Serendipity always rewards the prepared' - Katori Hall. A quote which Brad Rice of Amerifund Home Loans would most likely agree to. In a recent podcast Brad shared his hindsight on how to find headroom for growth despite tough market conditions. His philosop…


Vaultedge Newsletter - How can IMBs come back stronger in 2023 ?

We are super excited to have hosted Brad Rice, Founder & CEO of Amerifund Home Loans, on Mortgage Vault Podcast.Brad shares key insights on how lenders could tide over the current market situation by 'looking at the deal & not the decade'.He elaborate…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Will Ginnie Mae MSRs become 'the weak link' ?

While MSR market is abuzz with deal activities, we are also keeping a watch on potential increase in delinquencies & defaults in 2023. To help us better understand the outlook for default servicing in the upcoming year - we spoke to Michael Merritt on thi…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Is Fed's rate hike "already" triggering a domino effect ?

Vaultedge at 8th Annual Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights ForumWe're super excited to be closing the "eventful" year with 8th Annual Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Forum. Having worked with some of the largest mortgage servicers in the country - PH…


Vaultedge Newsletter - MBA Annual 2022, M&A deals trend & Forecast 2023



Vaultedge Newsletter - Gearing up for MBA Annual in Nashville!

As mortgage rates rose more than 90 basis points to finish September at 6.72%, overall rate lock volumes predictably fell sharply – down 10% from August and almost 60% off levels from 2021. Falling rate lock dollar volume was driven by a 26.2% drop in cash-ou…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Inflation will take time to slowdown, Hurricane Ian hits the CRE front, Gearing up for MBA Annual 22

I happened to speak with a few peers from the mortgage industry and one of them jokingly said, the way interest rates are surging every week, we can almost create a drinking game out of that. Anyone guessing higher that 0.75% base rate-chug it down! Jokes apa…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Third time's the charm? Fed raises the rates again!

Well, the unsettling news is the rates are up again. Freddie Mac’s weekly Primary Mortgage Market Survey report released last Thursday reveals that the housing market continues to face headwinds, as mortgage rates increased again this week to the highest leve…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Mortgage rates surpass 6 percent!

The market was spooked well before Halloween with the rates soaring at 6%. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage — the most popular home loan product — soared to 6.02 percent this week, nearly double what it was nine months ago, according to data released Thursday …


Vaultedge Newsletter - Remembering 9/11, Personal loan in 10 seconds

More than two decades later, the nation still isn’t able to shake the spirit of terror and sadness on the fateful day of Sep 11th, 2001. The enduring power of the Sept. 11 attacks is clear: An overwhelming share of Americans who are old enough to recall the d…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Measuring Nonbank Health, Labor Day

I was at the Founder500 conference here in Austin. This was a gathering of almost 100 SaaS founders, most of them with $500,000+ in revenue. My experience was extremely insightful. I mean you get to learn from people who are as enthusiastic as yourself about …


Vaultedge Newsletter - Potential home buyers still exist amidst rising rates

Rob Chrisman posed an interesting question in his Saturday newsletter. How do we make decisions regarding buying or selling anything? This has to do with more than just a description of a product or the offering. Consumer psychology says that people often ten…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Vaultedge & UWM in the news

August 21st was celebrated as World Entrepreneurs’ Day. Of course, I didn’t go out of my way to celebrate that, but it got me thinking that the past, present, and future were/are built by these thinking, innovative minds that have led to this ‘modern’ existen…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Purchase vs Refi.

Late last month I attended the Western Secondary Conference in Dana Point, CA. The conference was worth attending, both for the sessions and for the very beautiful location & hotel (the Waldorf Astoria hotel) it was held in. Mary Ann, the President & …


Vaultedge Newsletter - Mortgage Rates Dip Below 5% , Layoffs double in July

Ok, let’s begin with some great news first. Vautedge is available on Microsoft Appsource now. You can connect with your favorite Microsoft salesperson and buy Vaultedge software through him/her. Of course, we will always be there to support you. Look us up! _…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Vaultedge announces integration with Encompass®

It’s official! We have partnered up with one of the leading loan origination software in the nation, Encompass which is available through ICE Mortgage Technology. Vaultedge integrates seamlessly with Encompass to simplify document processing through its AI-po…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Is Non-QM ready for a headwind?

Do you have a favorite song that you play while commuting to work and back? I have a Spotify list of all the classic rock anthems- a bit of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc. The drive used to be hectic but I had a little world of music to give me company…


Vaultedge Newsletter - Market will get worse...then get better?

The world was not happy this week. UK’s PM Boris Johnson resigned amidst scandals and without a successor in sight. Former Japanese Premier, Shinzo-Abe was assassinated during a campaign speech on Friday. Despite the strict gun laws in Japan, it comes as a sh…


Vaultedge Newsletter -Of baby boomers and mortality & Independence Day

Dr. C.V. Raman, a renowned Indian Physicist mentioned in one of his studies that water was the elixir of life. Why am I suddenly talking about elixir, hinting towards immortality and youth? I happened to read a news item about the baby boomers and their morta…


Vaultedge Newsletter : New toolkit for the economically & socially disadvantaged

I was watching Stranger Things Season 4, wherein the kids go hunting the demon that has been plaguing Hawkins at Victor Creel’s old house. The house although dilapidated looks to be a real estate gem in its heydays. The realtor on the block would have had a f…