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How you can help your colleagues & friends in India

How you can help your colleagues & friends in India
By Sanat from Vaultedge • Issue #20 • View online
Dear Friends, Colleagues & Clients:
Just when we thought that we turned a corner in our fight against Covid, it reared its ugly head again. Covid cases in India have shot through the roof, with daily cases crossing 300,000. Along with the cases, the number of deaths also have risen sharply. In this edition, we would like to focus on how you can help your colleagues & friends in India during these times. This is based on what we are doing in our company and what we see others doing:
  • Go slow with business operations: If you have operations in India, then for the next four weeks assume that your India team would be available only at 50% capacity. Ease off on any non-essential work. Just focus on keeping the lights on. This will help your employees to be there for their family and friends.
  • Provide reliable information: There is a lot of misinformation going on, in whatsapp groups and twitter feeds right now. So provide verified information to your people covering at least the following topics: Preventive measures, How to be prepared, What to do in case of suspected Covid infection, What to do in case of confirmed Covid infection. You can do this through a simple page on your website or through a Google docs/ notion page.
  • We setup such a page ourselves. Check it out here and use/adapt the information for your purpose - Covid 19 Second wave support
  • Ensure sufficient coverage: Check your insurance policy and ensure that your employees have sufficient coverage. It is not possible to drastically change your policy terms at this time. However, there are many providers offering a top-up Covid insurance cover. Consider buying this for your employees. Also make them aware that, the regular health insurance already covers Covid.
  • Help line and support protocols: Setup a Covid support help line. This need not not be a phone line; you can as well use chat, email. Essentially provide a way for your employees to reach out to you for help and support. Also designate buddies for every team member - a designated person for each person that he/she can reach out to for help and support.
  • Donate: There are many organizations / non-profits working on helping people impacted by Covid in India. Consider donating to these. We have provided a link below with some organizations. Disclosure - we have no association with any of these; we only know that they are doing good work.
Coming back to business, last week MBA held its annual Spring Conference & Summit. It was an online conference and definitely not as fun as a live event. But MBA did a great job with a fantastic lineup of speakers and with opportunities to network during the online sessions. We prepared a report of the insights from key sessions of the conference. Check it out here - MBA Spring 21 Key Insights.
You know about our Mortgage Vault podcast series. We had some more fantastic people joining the podcast in the last few weeks. In case you missed the episodes, check them out here:
Stay safe. This too shall pass.

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What is your Quarantine reading style? (Source: Grace Farris, on Instagram)
What is your Quarantine reading style? (Source: Grace Farris, on Instagram)
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