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Vaultedge newsletter - Beautiful Data Visualizations

Vaultedge newsletter - Beautiful Data Visualizations
By Vaultedge Marketing • Issue #28 • View online
Dear Friends, Colleagues & Customers:
I am a big sucker for Data Visualizations (DV). We all have dabbled with graphs/ charts in our school and at work and they are of course one form of DV. But modern software and techniques now enable to do lot more than plotting a simple bar graph to tell your story. Here I want to present some really cool and powerful data visualizations. They say ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words’; I can say, a 1000 words can’t really convey the message as effectively as some of these data visualizations do. Some of there are from mortgage / real estate industry, others are not. But they all tell a powerful story.
We also included a link to some Data Visualisation resources (cheat sheets, books, software) down below. Don’t miss it.

How Many People Are at Risk of Losing Their Homes in Your Neighborhood?
In 83 Million Eviction Records, a Sweeping and Intimate New Look at Housing in America
Exploring the Melbourne Real Estate Market using Tableau
The Richest Neighborhoods Emptied Out Most as Coronavirus Hit New York City
Housing Visualizations from US Census Data
How Decades of Racist Housing Policy Left Neighborhoods Sweltering
Cities Start to Question an American Ideal: A House With a Yard on Every Lot
Mapping Segregation
13,000 Missing Flights: The Global Consequences of the Coronavirus
Coronavirus World Map: Tracking the Global Outbreak
Do These A.I.-Created Fake People Look Real to You?
An Extremely Detailed Map of the 2016 Presidential Election
The Age That Women Have Babies: How a Gap Divides America
This is a chart that made Covid real to me. This is from Feb 2020
This is a chart that made Covid real to me. This is from Feb 2020
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