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Vaultedge Newsletter - Originations of big-ticket home loans declined by 41%

Vaultedge Newsletter - Originations of big-ticket home loans declined by 41%
By Sanat from Vaultedge • Issue #43 • View online
Thousands of employees in the U.K. will be working four days a week for the next six months, in the largest such pilot program to date. One of the reasons stated is the tight labor market. Employers will offer almost anything to keep the staff happy. Here in the US employees are leaning toward a hybrid future, and the employers here too are trying to keep them happy. The pandemic had shaken all of us up and somehow in almost a wicked way made us understand the importance of a proper work-life balance. This want for the hybrid working pattern has led to the homeowners buying dual properties. Real estate agents nationwide report that their clients are increasingly opting for dual residence: a small pied-a-terre near the office and a larger home within an hour or two in a more scenic or family-friendly area. So, when you are bored of your French press coffee at your home and are longing for the vending machine cuppa Joe and some bonding with colleagues, you can leave for work 😊
Fannie Mae released a three-year Equitable Housing Finance Plan last week that summarizes actions the company will take to knock down barriers faced by Black renters and homeowners throughout their housing journey. The Plan builds on recent innovations and efforts Fannie Mae has taken to make mortgages and rental housing more accessible and inclusive. The Plan intends to cater to the subject of discrimination faced by other underserved populations as well. As the Plan evolves, Fannie Mae will reach out to the other populations and address their unique homeownership challenges.
A recent Redfin Corp data highlighted that the median sale price of homes with higher fire risks was $550,500 in April, compared with $431,300 for homes with low risks, a 27.6% difference. This is due to the location and the size of the property. During the pandemic, most people migrated to suburban locales to get away from the busy crowded city life. And most properties in suburbs look like villas from Django Unchained. Pandemic buyers hunted for huge houses without keeping the fire-risk factor in mind.
Recently we shared a curated Income Analyzer checklist with one of our clients. So, what’s special about our checklist? Does it have a lottery number on it? No. But this very checklist could be a way of earning more profits than you had forecast for this fiscal. The checklist you see- is based on the ‘must-have’ features of an Income Analyzer solution. It tells you what you should be looking for while choosing the right product. Vaultedge Income Analyzer is an AI-based product that reads through the income data of W2 and self-employed in a jiffy to make underwriting less taxing. We haven’t released the checklist yet as we have been sharing it with an exclusive group of clients. But if you want to take a look, and understand how Vaultedge Income Analyzer is helping to increase the pull-through rate by 33% just schedule a call.
 My week was exciting. I feel exuberant to talk about my company, our innovative products, and how we are trying to change the loan processing game. Let me know how was your week?
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